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Thursday, 01 July 2021 16:56

Squeeze the day

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Oh yes! This motto will be my keynote every day from now on.


Oh yes! This motto will be my keynote every day from now on. Do we exist to waste days, hours, months? Hence the decision to reduce the already very limited time spent on social media. The lockdown year gave me a lot to think about. Now it’s time to implement the plans I’ve been thinking about for a year. More in the near future. And those above and below are placemats. After all, it is summer and lemons go well with the summer season. Same as watermelons, but more on them soon. Lemons in batter, creams, tarts and drinks. After all, there’s nothing like lemonade with a mint leaf, right? In fact, in my time, lemonade was always lemon – because lemon is lemon, right? Now it’s variations: strawberry, watermelon and others; it is impossible to count how many flavors can be served. And the lemon application pattern you will soon find in the larger project.






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